One simple invention

with the function of 5 different products

The Swiss army knife of traction tables and physical therapist equipment.

Meet MAT By physical therapists, for physical therapists.

The Multiple Applications Treatment table (MAT) is the Swiss army knife of traction tables and physical therapist equipment. Designed by physical therapists for physical therapists, that MAT table is one simple invention that provides the function of five different products.

What is MAT? A new way to exercise, like no other product can.

The MAT is a multiple modality exercise apparatus that also may be used as a treatment table, traction table, and much more. It was designed by physical therapists for both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation centers. The unique components of the MAT allow for all—from athletes to bariatric patients—to transfer on and off the table without fear of falling. It can accomplish five functions with the footprint of one machine, supports 500 lbs., and possesses fully electric tilt functions. Until now, this type of equipment has not been available to physical therapists.

A bigger table

For manipulation and treatment, our table is longer and wider than traditional tables.

A unique platform

The gravity-resisted LE exercise platform is unlike anything on the market.

A variable system

Attachments allow variable arm exercises resisted by the patient’s body weight or by the weight of the sliding frame.

A traction table

Unique traction table that utilizes self and manual traction.

An inversion table

The table adjusts from level-to-head, elevated or inverted, 45 degrees.

Changing the world one table at a time.

Across the nation, the MAT table is quickly becoming a new normal for clinics both large and small.

Perfect for

The versatility of the MAT table makes it ideal for applications as rehabilitation center equipment as well as physical therapy equipment for patients of all ages, sizes, and needs.