About the MAT Table Inventor

The MAT Table Innovation: Creating a Better PT Experience

I am a Physical Therapist (MPT) who was frustrated with the lack of specific equipment for physical therapy practice. I established Excellence in Rehabilitation, LLC in 2011 to help create a new piece of equipment—designed by and made for physical therapists—that would be specific to physical therapy needs (The MAT Table). 

“As a physical therapist, I’ve seen firsthand how an innovative multipurpose treatment surface can significantly impact a patient’s recovery journey.”

Brian Scherff, MPT

My journey with the MAT Table began with a simple observation: several of my patients struggled with the existing exercise equipment used in physical therapy clinics. This equipment, often adapted from fitness centers, wasn’t ideal for everyone.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve seen a trend of more patients requiring physical therapy who are elderly, have balance issues, or are overweight. These patients, in particular, faced difficulties with the existing equipment, which could cause anxiety during therapy.

In 2011, I decided to take action. I started building different types of tables and exercise equipment specifically designed for physical therapy needs. My goal was to create a stable platform that would allow patients of all sizes and abilities to perform exercises – especially squats – without the fear of instability associated with traditional gym-style equipment.

Fast forward to late 2018. A prototype of the MAT Table was tested at a wellness center in Michigan. This was a crucial step, as it allowed me to gather valuable feedback from both therapists and patients. Their insights proved invaluable in shaping the MAT Table into a better product for the rehabilitation community.

Throughout 2019-22, I focused on refining the MAT Table based on the feedback received. This continuous improvement process has ensured that the final product is truly beneficial for therapists and patients alike.

The MAT Table provides that stability, offering several key benefits.

The MAT is a 5-in-1 combination treatment table and multi-function exercise table-that takes up less space than the 5 machines it can replace!

  1. Treatment Table: Designed by physical therapists, The MAT offers superior comfort and maneuverability with an extended length and width compared to traditional tables.
  2. Gravity-Resisted LE Exercise Platform: Unlike traditional weight machines, this platform utilizes the patient’s own body weight as resistance. The platform’s smooth movement during exercises, minimizes strain on joints.
  3. Variable-Resistance Pulley System: The MAT’s variable-resistance pulley system provides a versatile solution for arm rehab. Patients can use their body weight for initial exercises or lighter resistance.
  4. Traction Table: This versatility allows for a more targeted approach to pain management and improved outcomes in conditions where spinal decompression is beneficial.
  5. Tilt Table: The MAT’s tilt table functionality enhances patient positioning during treatment. It adjusts from a flat position to head-elevated 45 degrees or head-down 10 degrees, maximizing comfort and targeting specific treatment areas for improved rehabilitation outcomes.
  6. Now, in 2024, we’ve made 10 customer-feedback-driven adjustments to make The MAT Table even better for physical therapists.

It’s been a long road…Want to know where we’ve been? See our history:

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