Optimizing Tilt Table Therapy for Physical Rehabilitation

MAT table tilted to 45 degrees

This article explores the benefits of tilt table therapy for physical rehabilitation, particularly for patients recovering from prolonged bed rest. We’ll delve into the two key functions of tilt tables: weight bearing and systemic function acclimation. Weight Bearing and Tilt Table Angle Tilt tables offer a safe and controlled environment for patients to gradually reintroduce […]

Close Guarding for Patient Safety During Balance Training or Gait Training

woman wearing gait belt with PT holding on

What comes to mind when you think about patient safety and close guarding in a physical therapy rehabilitation or recovery facility or nursing home? How to best prevent injuries, especially injuries from falls right? Falls are the worst and the costliest threat to rehabilitation or PT patients. On average, the hospitalization cost for a fall […]

Comments From One of 150,000 Physical Therapists

smoking causes lung disease and is bad for your health.

I’m a physical therapist. I’ve worked as a physical therapist for 25 years; 23 of them licensed. Over the years, I’ve seen and heard a lot of things related to physical therapy and rehabilitation, but one question still has me scratching my head…here it is: I’ve worked in most every PT-related workplace imaginable, private practice […]

Improve Your Quality of Life with Physical Therapy: 5 Ways PT Can Help You Move Better

PT lifting patient leg

Me: It hurts. PT: “You need physical therapy.” Usually followed by “To maintain your quality of life.” Hearing “physical therapy” after a fall, injury, stroke, or other setback can trigger fear (falling again?), frustration (balance issues?), or even reluctance (does it hurt?). But there’s good news! Research constantly reveals situations where physical therapy can speed […]

The MAT Table Takes Physical Therapy on the Road!

MAT table for physical therapy and rehab clinics

Physical Therapy on the Road with The MAT Table – Two Conferences in Two Months We spent the past two months visiting two Physical Therapy conferences in our area—the APTA Next conference in Chicago, and it was an interesting weekend for sure! We just returned from Chicago. Here’s what it took to get there… May […]

5 Ways Hands-on PT May Supplement or Replace Pain Meds

the MAT_Knee

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has released several alternatives on how hands-on PT might replace pain meds. The campaign to replace pain meds with PT is getting some negative buzz from opioid manufacturers but they, as well as others in the field, have some valid, statistical research on how PT can work better than […]