About The MAT Table Inventor

Brian Scherff PT with The MAT TAble

The MAT Table Innovation: Creating a Better PT Experience I am a Physical Therapist (MPT) who was continually frustrated with the lack of specific equipment for physical therapy practice. I established Excellence in Rehabilitation, LLC in 2011 to help create a new piece of equipment—designed by and made for physical therapists—that would be specific to […]

The Build

Building the MAT Table In 2011, I started building different types of tables and exercise equipment to enable squats without the instability and fear people have of going on the total gym system. I started all this research and the desire to invent my own equipment after several patients in my clinic fell off the […]


The prototype Mat Table has been tested at a wellness center in Otsego, Mich. in the final months of 2018 with valuable patient input. I’m so grateful for all the therapists and patients who have given…