Save Money! Boost Profits: PT Clinics and Rehab Profitability Strategies

the MAT Table in a clinic

3 Proven Ways Physical Therapy Clinics Can Slash Costs & Boost Profits by Using the MAT Table Running an inpatient or outpatient physical therapy clinics can be rewarding, but profitability is key to keeping your doors open. Here are some strategies to consider: Increase Patient Value: Focus on delivering exceptional value to your patients. This […]

Partial Weight-Bearing Squats: The MAT Advantage for PTs

weight bearing on the MAT table

The MAT: A Game-Changer for Partial Weight-Bearing Squats Exercise is a well-established pillar of rehabilitation, promoting positive adaptations in muscles, tendons, and bones for improved patient function. By manipulating key training variables (load, reps, sets, rest, frequency), you can target specific adaptations like strength, hypertrophy, muscular endurance, and power output. Partial weight-bearing squats with The […]

From Hands-On Healer to Burnt Out? Why Physical Therapists are Tired

tired physical therapists

From Hands-On Healer to Burnt Out? Why physical therapists are Tired Physical Therapists are tired. And they are struggling with maintaining a solid work/life balance. After working in multiple settings across a 25 year career as a physical therapist, including 10 years in an outpatient setting, 8 years in home health, and as a rehab […]

Comments From One of 150,000 Physical Therapists

smoking causes lung disease and is bad for your health.

I’m a physical therapist. I’ve worked as a physical therapist for 25 years; 23 of them licensed. Over the years, I’ve seen and heard a lot of things related to physical therapy and rehabilitation, but one question still has me scratching my head…here it is: I’ve worked in most every PT-related workplace imaginable, private practice […]

Improve Your Quality of Life with Physical Therapy: 5 Ways PT Can Help You Move Better

PT lifting patient leg

Me: It hurts. PT: “You need physical therapy.” Usually followed by “To maintain your quality of life.” Hearing “physical therapy” after a fall, injury, stroke, or other setback can trigger fear (falling again?), frustration (balance issues?), or even reluctance (does it hurt?). But there’s good news! Research constantly reveals situations where physical therapy can speed […]

Final Stages – How the MAT Table Came to Be

It didn’t happen by accident! The idea began in our outpatient PT gym, when I saw a heavier patient fall off the Total Gym she was using. The narrow sled and belt were shaky and not suitable for her size and condition. At that moment I realized, there must be a better way and I […]

5 Ways Hands-on PT May Supplement or Replace Pain Meds

the MAT_Knee

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has released several alternatives on how hands-on PT might replace pain meds. The campaign to replace pain meds with PT is getting some negative buzz from opioid manufacturers but they, as well as others in the field, have some valid, statistical research on how PT can work better than […]