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The MAT is a multiple modality exercise apparatus that also may be used as a treatment table. It was designed by physical therapists for inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation centers. The unique components of the MAT allow for all—including bariatric patients—to transfer on and off the table without fear of falling.  It can accomplish five functions with the footprint of one machine. It supports 500 lbs.  Fully electric with high low and tilt functions. Until now, this type of equipment has not been available to physical therapists. 

  • Manipulation and treatment table. The table is longer and wider than traditional tables.
  • Gravity resisted LE exercise platform. A workout platform unlike anything on the market.
  • Pulley system. A pulley attachment allows variable arm exercises resisted by the patient’s body weight or by the weight of the sliding frame.
  • Unique traction table that utilizes self, manual or mechanical traction.
  • Tilt or inversion table. The table adjusts from level to head elevated  or inverted 41 degrees.

The foot component swivels to enable the table to be used as a progressive resistant squat and multifunction device. The foot component has attachments to enable ankle exercises and to monitor weight bearing. It can also flip from flat to 90 degrees to provide a platform for squats. The ankle attachment pivots to allow dorsiflexion and plantar flexion ankle stretching in 5 degree increments.


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The MAT Story

The cornerstone of Excellence in Rehabilitation is the creation, production and sales of the MAT (Multiple Applications Table). The MAT advantage is that it offers both rehabilitation treatment and multi-function exercise capabilities in a single table at a remarkably small footprint.

There are currently more than 200,000 licensed physical therapists in the United States mostly using equipment that was intended for healthy gym members. The MAT provides the answer for heavier, debilitated patients. A better way to provide care.

In The News

In The Beginning

In The Beginning

In the Beginning…I am a Physical Therapist who has been frustrated by the lack of specific equipment for Physical Therapy practices. I established Excellence in Rehabilitation, LLC in 2011 to help…

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The Build

The Build

Building the MAT Table In 2011, I started building different types of tables and exercise equipment to enable squats without the instability and fear people have of going on the total gym system. I started all this research and the desire to invent my own equipment...

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The prototype Mat Table has been tested at a wellness center in Otsego, Mich. in the final months of 2018 with valuable patient input. I’m so grateful for all the therapists and patients who have given…

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