Part 1: In the Beginning

About the Inventor, Brian Scherff, PT

I am a physical therapist who was frustrated with the lack of specific equipment for physical therapy practice. Despite the importance of the work we do for our patients, I always felt like we had to find “workarounds” with some of our equipment instead of direct solutions. That’s why I established Excellence in Rehabilitation, LLC in 2011.

I believe in creating a new piece of equipment—designed by and made for physical therapists—that’s specific to physical therapy needs. 

Creating the MAT Table: A Unique Traction Table and Physical Therapy Device

I began this journey after several of my own patients had trouble mounting or staying comfortable on the Total Gym. I realized that the existing equipment available in most outpatient clinics was not suitable for some of my outpatient clients. 

This problem only became worse as I noticed a steady increase in weaker, sicker, more debilitated, and heavier patients in the past 15 years. These are the clients who have difficulty with the current equipment used in physical therapy.

Most of the products in physical therapy outpatient clinics are borrowed or converted from fitness center equipment. These types of machines may work well for young mobile patients, but often cause anxiety for those with greater physical challenges. 

In 2011 I began constructing different types of multiple applications tables, tilt tables, and exercise equipment. My initial goal was to enable patients of all needs to do squats without the instability of total-gym-type equipment, which was primarily designed for exercise instead of rehabilitation. As my work continued, I discovered that I was designing something much greater.

What is the Multiple Applications Treatment Table? 

The MAT table is a 5-in-1 combination treatment table and multi-function exercise table that takes up less space than the 5 machines it replaces. The MAT table functions as a:

  1. Multiple Applications Workout Platform
  2. Mobilization/Treatment Table
  3. Traction Table
  4. Pulley System.
  5. Tilt/Inversion System

How MAT Reduces Costs and Provides Better Patient Outcomes

In the final months of 2018, A prototype MAT table was tested at a wellness center in Otsego, Michigan. Here, I was provided with valuable patient input. I’m so grateful for all the therapists and patients who have given their insight to help make this a better product for the rehab community. 

In 2019 we faced the exciting task of refining the MAT table. I looked for and appreciated all the feedback I could get—feedback which has forever changed the MAT table for the better.

It was the beginning of a long road which has taken me and MAT to heights we never expected. For more information, click here to read Part 2: The Build.

For purchasing information, or for a one-on-one virtual demo of the MAT table, click here and schedule time with the inventor! Or call 269-569-4414 or email Brian Scherff.