Part 2: The Build

Building the MAT Table as High-Quality Physical Therapy Equipment

In 2011, I started building different types of tables and exercise equipment to enable squats without the instability and fear people have of going on the total gym system. I started all this research and inventing process after several patients in my clinic fell off the total gym.

The Need for True Physical Therapy Equipment

The creation of this innovative treatment table called “the MAT table” or “Multiple Applications Treatment” Table,” is something I’ve thought about for many hours over many years. As I  worked on this project, I spent seven years working  in outpatient, hospitals, and in nursing home rehabilitation environments. Working in these vastly different settings has helped broaden my understanding of patients’ needs as I refine each generation of the MAT table.

Equipment was not something I paid much attention to early in my career. Yet, after seeing the anxiety improper equipment causes, I see now how important it is to have better physical therapy equipment. As a practicing physical therapist, I have seen patients who were scared, anxious, and uncomfortable with the existing equipment. And why wouldn’t they be? 

Much of the physical therapy equipment in use is repurposed gym equipment– not true physical therapy equipment. As a result, patients with compromised health frequently feel uncomfortable using it. However, I believe there’s a better way to ease patients’ anxiety and give them better treatment.

Designing MAT as the Ultimate Manipulation Table

The MAT Table offers greater peace of mind for struggling patient populations because of its larger size and heavier weight stability. In turn, reducing patient fear and anxiety leads to better patient outcomes and more commitment to—and compliance with—the exercises in physical therapy.

In 2019, we began designing a newer, refined MAT Table that was capable of mass factory production. Meanwhile, testing continued at nursing homes in Michigan as we built new and improved new versions of the MAT Table. Ultimately, the road to FDA compliance was longer than we thought, but it only made the MAT Table into stronger PT equipment. The FDA only accepts products that are incredibly durable, reliable, and safe. The generation 4 MAT Table is that product. 

In 2021, we sold our first gen 4 MAT Table. Today, clinics across the nation use it to treat dozens of patients every day.

Moving Forward with the Gen 4 MAT Table

Moving forward with this model, and in cooperation with other physical therapists, I plan to record videos showing how the table functions. In particular, I’ll focus on McKenzie, Maitland, Kaltenborn and other mobilization techniques on this table, which is 5 to 10° inverted. I’ve discovered a 7° inversion is ideal for gentle traction, which helps facilitate better mobilizations. Our producible table will go -7°, making it the perfect manipulation table for these maneuvers.

The generation 4 MAT Table is one of the most exciting advancements we’ve made. As we continue to iterate and improve on this design, I can’t wait to share it.

Going Public with the Multiple Applications Treatment Table

Being a physical therapist myself, I’ve learned a lot with the help of many mentors and other businesspeople who shared their expertise with me. With their help, I sincerely believe I am creating something that makes patients feel safer and more comfortable. 

I hope the MAT Table will help the physical therapy profession—and more importantly, the patients themselves—become stronger and more functional. 

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