Part 4: The MAT Table Improvements for 2024

Boost Your Productivity: 2024’s Best MAT Table Improvements

Growing with the MAT Table has been an exciting and educational experience for everyone here on the MAT team. As we work to make the MAT Table the best traction table on the market, we gain insight into the patient experience that we never had before. In large part, we owe that to our customers and contributors.

Today, we want to take some time to reflect on the exciting new improvements to the MAT Table in 2024 and the people who helped us get here.

Improving Truly Excellent Rehabilitation Equipment

As you’ve been giving us feedback, we’ve been making changes in preparation for the upgraded 2024 MAT Table. With your help, we’ve implemented the following improvements for the newest version of the MAT Table: (78/100)

  1. Smooth Gliding Wheels: We’ve upgraded the wheels to provide a smoother glide, ensuring effortless movement and maneuverability.
  2. Height Adjustment: The exercise platform has been raised by 3/8 of an inch to allow more room for the single leg holder, enhancing comfort and versatility during workouts.
  3. Improved Alignment: The single leg holder attachment has been repositioned medially to improve patient alignment, facilitating more effective rehabilitation.
  4. Enhanced Comfort: We’ve introduced a new, more comfortable cushioned single leg holder to provide optimal support and comfort during exercises.
  5. Simplified Operation: The locking buttons and footplate opening scissor mechanism have been refined to make the MAT Table simpler to use, streamlining the treatment process for therapists and enhancing the overall user experience.
  6. Visibility and Safety: Highly visible instructional and safety stickers now appear at important places on the table, providing clear guidance and promoting safe usage.
  7. Stability Enhancement: The base frame has been widened to promote stability, ensuring a secure and reliable platform for rehabilitation exercises.
  8. Improved Functionality: A new knee stabilizer has been added for the tilt table function, enhancing support and facilitating controlled movement.
  9. Durability Upgrade: We’ve introduced new, more durable straps for easy cleanup, improving hygiene and maintenance.
  10. User-Friendly Design: The pulley and traction attachment have been redesigned for easier use, enhancing efficiency and convenience for therapists and patients alike.

And, functionally, these improvements mean more ease of use for physical therapists with:

  1. Effortless Maneuverability: Upgraded wheels ensure smooth gliding for easy positioning within your PT clinic.
  2. Increased Comfort and Versatility: Raised exercise platform provides additional space for the single leg holder, optimizing workout comfort and exercise options.
  3. Improved Patient Alignment: Repositioned single leg holder attachment enhances patient posture, leading to more effective rehabilitation.
  4. Enhanced Patient Experience: New, cushioned single leg holder offers superior comfort and support during exercise sessions.
  5. Streamlined Treatment Process: Refined locking buttons and footplate opening mechanism simplify MAT Table operation, saving therapists valuable time.
  6. Elevated Safety and Education: Highly visible instructional and safety stickers strategically placed on the table promote safe and proper use.
  7. Unmatched Stability: Widened base frame provides a rock-solid foundation for even the most demanding rehabilitation exercises.
  8. Controlled Movement and Support: Added knee stabilizer for the tilt table function ensures controlled movement and optimal support during treatment.
  9. Superior Hygiene and Maintenance: New, durable straps are easy to clean, promoting exceptional hygiene standards within your PT clinic.
  10. Enhanced User Experience: Redesigned pulley and traction attachment simplifies operation for both therapists and patients, improving overall treatment efficiency.

Designing rehabilitation equipment like the MAT Table is a thrilling but intensive task. With the insights our customers have given us, we’ve been able to make new advancements in the MAT Table far beyond our original scope. As we continue into 2024, we’ll keep making those advancements thanks to you.

To Our Customers and Contributors: Thank You

Now, we want to take a moment to thank the many customers and contributors that have helped the MAT Table get so far. A staggering amount of time and effort has been contributed to the MAT Table by more people than we know how to give credit to. That said, we’ll try our best.

The MAT Table has worked closely with three different colleges and their programs: 

  1. Western Michigan University Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  2. Grand Valley State University Mechanical and Biomechanical Engineering
  3. Andrews University Mechanical Engineering 

Each of these colleges has contributed between 500-1,000 hours of testing, independent analysis, and design assistance. Both students and faculty at these universities have been critical to the new and improved MAT Table.

We’d also like to thank our faithful customers, who have been using their MAT Tables to treat real patients every day. Four customers in particular have gone the distance in providing us insightful, actionable feedback. These customers are:

  1. Elliot Hospital (Manchester, NH) 
  2. Madonna Rehab, (Lincoln, Neb.)
  3. Atrium Health, (Charlotte, NC)
  4. Mayo Clinic (Arizona, Florida)

It’s the mission of The MAT Table to create truly excellent rehabilitation equipment that changes lives. With the help of our customers and contributors, The MAT Table achieves that goal.

The Future of the Mat Table

Though we’ve come far, we’re never done improving The MAT Table. We’re still implementing new, cutting-edge changes that set MAT apart as the premier rehabilitation equipment. For updates on all of our newest changes or to request your own MAT demonstration, click here to contact us today!

Learn more about the MAT Table building process at these links:

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For purchasing information, or for a one-on-one virtual demo of the MAT Table, click here and schedule time with the inventor! Or call 269-569-4414 or email Brian Scherff.

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