The cornerstone of Excellence in Rehabilitation is the creation, production and sales of the MAT (Multiple Applications Table). The MAT advantage is that it offers 5 functions in 1 table, both rehabilitation treatment and multi-function exercise capabilities in a single table at a remarkably small footprint. This is a new inventive way to improve patient outcomes, patient safety and therapist safety. It improves safety by enabling patients to more easily get on and off a table that can do more to functionally improve the patient than any other. Its saves space as it can do the job of 5 other pieces of equipment. The MAT was created by Physical Therapists specifically for the needs of inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. 

 There are currently more than 200,000 licensed physical therapists in the United States mostly using equipment that was intended for healthy gym members. The MAT provides the answer for heavier, debilitated patients. A better way to provide care.