What People Are Saying

“I have noticed our patients love the MAT table. It’s easy to get on to, and has so many gentle things to do on it. Very weak patients can be on the table for the entire 55 min treatment without being overly fatigued due to the vast amount of different activities that can be done on the table.”

-Lori Bayer Rehab Director
Alamo Nursing Home and Rehabilitation

“What a great idea; great invention. 1 table that does some many things”

-Susan Anderson PTA

“I use it all day long, every day. I like the cervical and lumbar traction functions. I use all the functions in my OP PT clinic. It’s a great manipulation and mobilization table. I even use the Tilt table function with POTs patients.”

-PT clinic owner John Blake

“It is one of the more well used pieces of equipment in our IP rehab unit. We use it all day long. When something went wrong it got fixed fast. It is great for our neuro population with the ability to isolate the involved extreamities.”

-June Proppes Rehab Director

“I like to use the table. It is the only thing that has helped reduce my hip pain.”

-Patient Hellen Kingsberry

“I love to use it, it strengthens my knee. The inclinometer helps me know how much weight I am putting on my leg.”

-Patient Pat Miles