­­­About the Multiple Applications Table (MAT)

In the Beginning…

I have been frustrated by the lack of specific equipment for Physical Therapy practices. I established Excellence in Rehabilitation, LLC in 2011 to help create equipment for and by physical therapists. The Mat Table is my cornerstone product. I am a physical therapist that has been practicing in Michigan for the last 24 years. I have worked in just about every practice setting known to physical therapy. Employed for 11 years at Bronson, 1 year at Borgess, 8 years at Carson City Hospital. I have worked in hospital settings from acute care to Orthopedics, rehab settings in multiple locations, outpatient settings with athletes to geriatrics, Home Care, cardiac rehab and Aqua therapy. I have advanced degrees in mobilization and manipulation and have been a rehab director supervising 12 to 14 other therapists. Having the unusual experience of working all aspects of physical therapy, I have a very good and unique understanding of what the needs are across multiple settings. This gives me an advantage in what is needed in the marketplace, equal to or better than any other individual in respect to physical therapy. I started excellence in Rehabilitation in 2011, after witnessing a patient slide off a total gym. This was in the year 2010. I noticed the majority of equipment used in physical therapy settings were designed for health clubs and for young healthy individuals. The MOVEO XP also came out in the market at about this time. Increasingly often older, more debilitated patients are coming through the PTs door. This prompted me to develop equipment more suited specifically for physical therapy. In 2012 I created my first prototype which I called the easy table. It functioned as a table and squat machine. After two years of market analysis and with the discovery of the newly launched MOVEO XP, I abandoned the idea of this table. Over the years and with the help of friends I slowly developed the concept of the multiple applications table, the MAT. I worked with many different designs over many years before desiding to bring the idea and product of the MAT to production and sale.

What is it? It is THE Multiple Applications Table.  Its many functions include:

  1. A mobilization and treatment table
  2. A multiple applications lower extremity workout platform
  3. A traction table
  4. A gravity resisted pulley system
  5. A tilt table

To learn more about The MAT table, view the USES tab.