Building the MAT table

In 2011 I started building different types of tables and exercise equipment to enable squats without the instability and fear people have of going on the total gym machine. I started all this after several patients in my clinic fell off the total gym.

I realized that equipment wasn’t suitable for some of my outpatient rehab clients. It seems over the last 15 years the Physical Therapy industry is experiencing a higher percentage of weaker, more debilitated, and heavier patients. They are the ones who have difficulty using the current products offered in Physical Therapy and rehab clinics. Most of the products in Physical Therapy outpatient clinics are borrowed from fitness centers. This works great for our young healthy patients, but not so well for the above audiences.

As a Physical Therapist in practice I have seen patients who were scared, anxious, and uncomfortable with the existing equipment. The Mat Table is designed to ease those fears. The Mat Table offers greater peace of mind for this patient population. With reduced fear and anxiety we will get better patient outcomes and more commitment to and compliance with the exercises in physical therapy.

Back in January we tested and rejected three preliminary designs until we found one that worked as well as practicing PTs needed it to work in a clinic or rehab environment.As my partner, Singh Automation has taken my eight years of planning and making of prototypes, and refined the MAT table, helping me construct a finished product – and now that product is built!

Learn more about our building process at If you’re interested in a demo of the MAT table, email, click our PRICING BUTTON or reach out by phone at 269.569.4414. Ask about our referral program and how you can earn up to $500 from a single referral!