Building the MAT table

In 2011 I started building different types of tables and exercise equipment to enable squats without the instability and fear people have of going on the total gym machine. I started all this after several patients in my clinic fell off the total gym.

I realized that equipment wasn’t suitable for some of my outpatient rehab clients. It seems over the last 15 years the Physical Therapy industry is experiencing a higher percentage of weaker, more debilitated, and heavier patients. They are the ones who have difficulty using the current products offered in Physical Therapy and rehab clinics. Most of the products in Physical Therapy outpatient clinics are borrowed from fitness centers. This works great for our young healthy patients, but not so well for the above audiences.

As a Physical Therapist in practice I have seen patients who were scared, anxious, and uncomfortable with the existing equipment. The Mat Table is designed to ease those fears. The Mat Table offers greater peace of mind for this patient population. With reduced fear and anxiety we will get better patient outcomes and more commitment to and compliance with the exercises in physical therapy.

We tested and rejected preliminary designs for many years, until we found one that worked as well as practicing PTs needed it to work in a clinic or rehab environment.

The prototype Mat Table has been tested at a wellness center in Otsego, Mich. in the final months of 2018 with valuable patient input. I’m so grateful for all the therapists and patients who have given advice to help make this a better product for the rehab community.

In 2019 the exciting task of building a refined Mat Table began. I’ll be looking for and appreciate all the feedback I can get. The Multiple Applications Table is being built in Kalamazoo, Mich. —made in America. The refined product will be factory producible by the end of April if everything runs smoothly. Testinf continued at nursing homes in Michigan when new designs were aproved and built. The final product, which is being refined by multiple engineers, will look different than the pictures here. Working with other Physical Therapists, I plan to provide videos showing how the table functions in the next several months. I have been practicing McKenzie, Maitland, Kaltenborn and other mobilization techniques on this table which is 5 to 10° inverted. I’ve discovered a 7° inversion is ideal for gentle traction which helps facilitate better mobilizations. The producible table will go -7°. I am very excited about all the functions the table will provide. I look forward to presenting them in the future.

The creation of this treatment table that I’ve called the MAT table or Multiple Applications Table, is something I’ve thought about for many hours most days over many years. As I’ve worked on this project, over the last seven years I’ve worked in outpatient, hospital and in nursing home rehabilitation environments. Working in these very different settings has helped broaden my understanding of what is needed.

I hope for your feedback as you read this to help me make the best product possible. I must admit I am as nervous as I am excited go public and try to sell a product as complicated as the MAT. Being a Physical Therapist myself, I know bit about business but have learned a lot with the help of many mentors and other businessmen and businesswomen who thankfully have provided their expertise to me.

I sincerely hope to create something that makes patients feel safer and more comfortable. I hope this will help the Physical Therapy profession—and more importantly, the patients themselves—become stronger and more functional. Equipment was not something I paid much attention to early in my career. I now see that it is important for patients to feel safe and secure using Physical Therapy equipment and how much anxiety they truly have about the existing equipment.

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