Success! The MAT table build!

If you’ve read this far, you know success comes in many stages and over many years. You just have to keep pushing on and not give up, so, in 2019, I made the agonizing decision to go all-in, remortgaging my home, and consulting engineering firms. All to design and manufacture a better way to do physical therapy.

Over the next three years 25 engineers from many engineering firms spent at least 10,000 hours and helped me to refine and improve the MAT table. Prototypes were tested at Alamo Nursing and Rehabilitation, and in two wellness and outpatient centers. 

In 2020 we hoped to start selling Generation III MAT, but unfortunately the pandemic and a few new ideas to improve the table put a halt to the selling process. We spent hour upon hour poring over the blueprints, trying and eliminating various parts – we wanted what we wanted and nothing would substitute!

By 2021, the generation for Generation IV MAT had been through a full year of testing. We began selling this version in late 2021. With the ability to finally manufacture and sell the MAT, we have found great responses from around the country!  We pursued national exposure by attending and sponsoring the American Physical Therapy Association Annual Conference in Texas. Let me tell you, taking the MAT to Texas was a challenge in and of itself. Ask me about it some time.

We (luckily) had positive responses in Texas and generated more sales. We were off and running!

With a bang-up team behind us, and since our success at the Texas APTA, we have toured with the MAT table to APTA Michigan conferences in Detroit and Kalamazoo. 

Now, we are ready to sell the Generation IV MAT table, which, by the way, is made and assembled in multiple locations throughout Michigan, mostly with Weber Specialties in Schoolcraft. 

If you haven’t heard by now, the MAT table is a 5-in-1 combination treatment table and multi-function exercise table-that takes up less space than the 5 machines it can replace!

  1. It’s a multiple applications workout platform.
  2. It’s a mobilization/treatment table.
  3. It’s a traction table.
  4. It’s a pulley system.
  5. It’s a tilt /inversion table.

The MAT provides a stable surface from which to exercise…which translates to peace of mind for this changing patient population. 

The MAT also will reduce costs for small clinics, as it has multiple functions with only one table, and can potentially replace up to 5 pieces of equipment currently in rehab facilities or PT clinics.

For purchasing information, or for a one-on-one virtual demo of the MAT Table, click here and schedule time with the inventor! Or call 269-569-4414 or email Brian Scherff.

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